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how many times have you promised yourself to begin a new life tomorrow morning?

Try Life Makeover Hypnotherapy, if you want to be waking up:

* to a new day with a happy smile;
* near the person you love and care for;
* to a dream job that satisfies and fulfills you;
* in a house you’ve always dreamed about;
* with perfect health;


Does this sound like a huge change that you believe you can achieve?

If it does, then what is holding you back from making it happen today? Can it be that you simply prefer to keep all of your dreams in fantasy land?

The technology of the dream coming true could be very real if you would only stop believing these three myths about fundamental change:
• Change is easy when you are young – a myth.
The thing is, there are people out there who have moved to another country after their 30’s.
There are people who’d healed cancer after their 40’s.
There are people who gave birth in their 50’s.
There are people who have completely changed their career path well into their 60’s.
There are people who’d gotten married after their 70’s.
I could give you more examples, but you’d got the idea, right?

• The big change is happening fast – myth.
Let me ask you something, do you personally know anyone who has achieved a fundamental change in their life overnight? Humans learn from experience.
Every single person who made it happen has studied, read, observed, tried and failed a hundred times before a big breakthrough.
Every great actor has performed in many insignificant movies until they polished their skills to perfection.
Every great scientist has made many experiments before a miraculous discovery.
Every successful businessman has achieved his rewards from many trials and tribulations.

• If you change only one thing about yourself, then all your life will change right away.
Many people dream about losing 20 pounds with the hope that they will meet the love of their life right afterward.
Others believe that if they buy an expensive car, their social status will automatically be leveraged.
Or, some feel a magical pill will take the disease away momentarily.
All of these misconceptions about change can really poison your life.

With the professional help of a Life Coach and Hypnotherapist, it is possible to create a good plan of action, to follow through, and overcome any obstacles. As we grow older, we are all confronted with life tasks and societal requirements, which make it uneasy to break the routine.
However, we continue to dream and imagine our life being different.
Scientific studies clearly reflect that our brain creates habits and resists change. It gives us a sense of security and safety, reducing the fear of an unknown future and failure (Gerhard Roth, the University of Bremen, Germany, 2007). Although, with the right motivation and a clear plan, we can re-frame our lives, create better self-esteem and appreciate the person we have always dreamed to be.
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