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Discover the real issue behind your struggles.

One of the most difficult things to understand, for many people, is the relationship between our subconscious and our conscious everyday difficulties. The reason for this has to do with the fact that it’s far easier for our conscious mind to observe and attempt to deal with an issue that is sitting right in front of our eyes.

For example, if a person is overweight, all that the individual needs to do is to look in a mirror or find out that they need to buy new, larger size clothing.

The conscious mind, at that point, attempts to deal with the problem in what it perceives to be a “logical” approach. If you eat too much, or if you eat high caloric food, you’ll gain unwanted pounds, right? So it stands to reason that one should cut down on their eating and the problem will be solved.

There are a lot of popular books that propose different types of weight-loss diets and those books guarantee fast results. So, a diet book is purchased and the recommended dieting steps are followed and, sure enough, the extra pounds “magically” disappear and the individual is happy. Problem solved – or so it initially seems.

Then something unfortunate occurs. In the not too distant future, those extra pounds start coming back. Even worse, they seem to have brought along a few extra “friends”. The weight problem has become worse than ever. Why? The answer is amazingly simple. That person was simply addressing the wrong issue.

The problem wasn’t the food intake, itself, at all. The problem was the motivation for the overeating, to begin with! Unless the root cause for this issue is discovered and dealt with, the problem will continue to exist and even exacerbate over time or with any attempts to cut down on caloric intake.

This is why hypnotherapy is so beneficial when it comes to addressing negative situations with long term results. For example, if being overweight stems from feelings of guilt over a past event, then this event must first be uncovered.

At that point, the conscious mind is helping the subconscious to understand that those feelings of guilt are not only unnecessary but are currently promoting an unhealthy and distressing situation. When this is accomplished, a healthier diet and an exercise program are easily incorporated into the daily routine.

You may wish to leave a comment and tell us about a time when you (or a loved one) exhibited a problem that was eventually seen to be related to a past event. Or visit our home page.


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