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Recovering Memories of Childhood Trauma with Hypnosis might be your best shot if you are struggling to remember some events from your childhood. Sometimes, you might not even remember years of your life.

There are many forms of childhood abuse. It is fluctuating from events including emotional, sexual, verbal, and spiritual abuse, or neglect. It doesn’t matter which form of abuse a child experiences, it always results in trauma. Once the abuse is over (for the time being) the fear that it will happen again continues throughout the periods when no abuse is actually taking place.

For some children the time it takes for the abuse to end may seem to last a lifetime. To a child, only a few scary episodes of abuse may be perceived as forever. In a child’s mind, the time is nonexistent. That is partly because the critical and thinking mind isn’t well developed until the age of 8.

So for a child who suffered abuse, it is inevitable to become traumatized over a lifetime. Most likely, the effects of trauma will extend way beyond adolescence and into adulthood. This suffering can last long after the abuse itself has finished. It will forever affect a child’s’ perception of the world, their personality development, and how they deal with relationships, often in a negative way.

In the complexity of our mind, we often find that the subconscious brings up memories that are negative, and associates them with something familiar. For example, people who suffered violence seem to become attracted to a violent husband or wife. Many sexual abusers were themselves abused as kids.

Read about Childhood Abuse in this article from Psychology Today, it might help you understand what it really is even better.

What we have experienced at home during childhood, will always mean “love” to us. Neglect and violence can be perceived as love when we are adults, on the subconscious level. As a result of childhood abuse, you might find yourself struggling with a lack of trust, which could be stopping you from creating healthy relationships. But regardless of how long ago the abuse happened, it is still possible to heal by recovering memories of childhood trauma with hypnosis.

Hypnosis can help you recover lost memories and heal your inner child. At New York Hypnotherapy and Meditation, we work with those painful memories with hypnotherapy. You can heal abuse simply by accessing the subconscious mind, hypnosis can unlock those memories, help you to come to terms with them, see a different perspective, forgive and forget.

We may not be aware of this but the subconscious stores every single memory it has ever experienced, including those of an infant. If you are unfortunate enough to have suffered childhood abuse, your subconscious has stored that memory and locked it away deep into your subconscious mind. Some traumatic memories are still vivid much later in life, others may be forgotten but they are still sitting in the “database” of our memory banks.

It does not matter what kind of abuse you suffered as a child, New York Hypnotherapy and Meditation is specializing in helping you reconnect with your Inner Child while healing your childhood memories, which always results in healing, letting go, and being able to move forward in life.


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