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These testimonials give an idea of what to expect from hypnosis. All comments are included with permission. Please understand that Hypnosis is not a magic cure-all, and results vary from person to person. I will work at all times to present an accurate and educated view of hypnosis. Read about common hypnosis myths and misconceptions here.



How I overcame fears. I am a single mother of two teenagers. No need to say how hard my life is. I had a lot of problems and did not know where to start to improve my life. Lin helped me to sort all these problems out, redirect my life goals and create new priorities using amazing exercises and techniques that really work. I had so many fears and problems, including low self-esteem. Most of all I was afraid of my boss at work that harassed me every day. Thank you, Lin. Without you, I would never have the courage to leave that stressful work. Within only 3 hypnotherapy sessions my mood and wellness had improved significantly. I am so glad that I found MY HYPNOTHERAPIST. I know that I have someone not just to listen to my problems, someone who can help to solve them and feel great! Lin is one of the kind therapist that everyone at some point in their life needs to see.

Helen Brand

I highly recommend Lin Shlonsky from New York Hypnotherapy and Meditation. Within only one session she helped me realize and resolve my major problem. I’m only in my early 30’s but I had suffered from forgetfulness. I was not sure if hypnosis could help, but Lin explained to me all the process and answered all my questions in a very clear way. I knew it was something deep inside of my subconscious, but I was shocked with the discovery. I used to have the best friend who was very controlling and manipulative, who planted this idea of forgetting things into my mind. And I didn’t even remember that consciously! During hypnosis I was able to remember and release this old and harmful program. My memory restored to full potential and it seems like what happened to me before was merely a bad dream.

Randy Joe

My experiences with Lina, During our sessions have come with some very unexpected realizations. I came into the sessions with a very open mind but very low expectations, which I find is the best way to face something new. I had no idea that the very first session I would be faced with some pretty heavy realities and realizations on how I view myself. This is my personal experience but I believe if you step into a session with Lina with an open mind you might be surprised what she helps you find. Every time I leave, I leave with something to think about until the next session. I am very grateful for the work she has done with me. I have a meditation background and a very introspective mind set. I don’t know if I would have ever come to the conclusions I had without her. These sessions have been perfect for me.

Henry Huie


Call me a skeptic, call me a non believer, call me a pig headed fool - because in the past if someone had told me they went to a hypnotherapist I would have looked at them funny. In a millions years I never would have thought that hypnotherapy and meditation would be the thing that helped me get out of a rut...

Lorenzo T.

If you would tell me few months ago that I will experience a Past Life Regression and believe it for real, I'd laugh out loud at you. When I called New York Hypnotherapy and Meditation, it was only out of curiosity. But when I got Past Life Regression explained to me, it really triggered something in my curious mind...

Gary P.


My Past Life Regression was amazing! I was shocked by what came out at our session. I had never imagined such things of my self/past. I had always thought that bad things might have been done to me but it’s the other way around. Surprisingly I feel like a new person today. For the first time as long as I can remember, I actually feel happy with myself. I feel much much lighter inside. I am beginning to feel peace consistently. Thank you again!

Vanessa Dickson

It feels great to be able to live, work and enjoy the simple things around you. Thank you for your wonderful job, Lin. I feel fully present and connected, I so appreciate your help.

Raymond Clark

I felt stuck in a relationship and could not understand what was I doing wrong, I just kept attracting same situations with different people. During the session I was uncovering such deeply rooted emotions, I wasn’t aware of having. The week after, I found myself having small flashbacks from the session. I was analyzing events I remembered and the emotions I felt. I am still very surprised about what we uncovered because I almost never thought or talked about it. Prior to my session, I thought that what happened had not affected me; but because I am aware of it now, I look at my actions and feelings from a new perspective. I see a big difference in the quality of the people around me.

Amy Chapman

Hypnotherapy is life-changing! I was trying to get pregnant and I was desperate to quit smoking. This terrible habit made me feel so bad and guilty because I knew it’s not good for pregnancy, that I decided to try hypnosis.
Luckily, I found a great hypnotist and a Life Coach, Lin Shlonsky. She helped me not only to stop smoking. I stopped worrying about my motherhood, I got healthier, my husband became even more in love with me, and my life became so much better!
I’m on 3d month, after year and a half of desperate attempts to get pregnant, and I’ve never been happier than I am now. Thank you so much!

Judy Harmon

I was hopeless up until I stepped into Lina’s office. I needed to stop smoking cause I’ve got a great offer for my dream job and it was completely forbidden to smoke there. I smoked for 20 years and tried several hypnotists but it didn’t work.
After working with Lina on my bad habit, I finally got rid of it and it took only 3 sessions.
I am very grateful for this priceless gift and happy with my job. I’ve also got back my self-respect and my family is proud of me as well.

Avery Shild

I had been a smoker since I was 18 years old (I’m 26 years old now). I’ve chosen hypnotherapy after trying all sorts of quitting smoking ideas that failed. I believe that hypnosis helped me to give up smoking by giving me a push in the right direction. I have now passed the two-year stage as a non-smoker and feel so much healthier for it and funnily enough, I don’t miss it at all – in fact, I wonder why I ever smoked now. Thank you, Lin and Good luck to everyone!

Alex Kishevsky

I came to Lin because I needed somebody who can help me with my problems. I felt stressed out after divorce and had no energy to deal with my headaches, my job was boring, the salary was not good enough, and most importantly, I needed to improve my self-esteem.
I felt very exhausted and helpless because I could not solve my problems by myself. When I came to Lin, I’ve found that she is non-judgemental and very understanding. She listened carefully, and I felt that I am not alone, that somebody cares about me. She helped me understand my life’s goals, clear up my limiting beliefs and get on the track, full of energy, and great motivation!
I was able to quit the job I hated and find a good place with a better salary and benefits!

Rolf Regdal

Lin is a truly compassionate and excellent hypnotherapist. Being a client of her had aided my life in many ways. I was able to structure a life plan and clear goals for myself. I could not have made my transition without her and the Bach Flowers Therapy as well.
Thanks for your support Lin, you are the truly amazing person that goes the extra mile for your clients. Thank you for committing to the care of others.

Juliet Hilpert

My hypnotherapy sessions with Lin have had such an incredible impact on so many aspects of my life! I have struggled with self-esteem and weight loss for so many years. She has helped me develop a positive focus for my life and she reinforced it through hypnotherapy, it was a very natural and positive experience. I recommend Lin to everybody I know, she is so understanding, positive and trustworthy!

Stephania Connelly

I just want to thank Lin for all she had done for me, for all the time that she gave me, when I needed it, for all valuable advice, ideas, and directions that she had shared with me.
Her support, knowledge, and resources have been incredible!
I have to say, that due to her guidance, creativity, superb ability to listen to my words and hear what’s happening inside me, I am having a better life! I was able to lose 20 lb and start a new relationship with a great person!

Kip Feest

Since working with Lin, I have acquired many wonderful tools that have helped me take control of my life. People around me are seeing radical changes for the better in self-esteem, poise and a relaxed mind and body. I was able to quit smoking and got rid of some fears I’ve had. Lin has a unique sense of intuition and was able to assist with individual unique needs.

Eldon Armstrong

I hired Lin last year to help me deal with and fully understand my issues that have been plaguing me due to past life trauma from the Holocaust that I had brought into my current incarnation. She is absolutely powerful, knows how to really bring underlying issues to the surface, is compassionate and definitely helped me in so many ways on my healing journey. I completely recommend her if you need past life regression, hypnotherapy or life coaching. She is just excellent at what she does!

Michelle Conn

My dad dying was a horrible experience for me and my family. My grief was unbearable when I start looking for a solution. Hypnosis was my decision. I was able to reconcile with my loss. Also, it taught me the value of life. To live it right, to do the right things, to care for others, show compassion, and to have fun. Lin was very attentive and caring and I was able to fully open my heart to her.

Aric Thompson

I had serious social anxiety. I pushed away all my friends and couldn’t connect with new people. With Age Regression I was able to find how did that happen to me. I was able to heal the old painful memories. Then, I searched through old relationships and friendships, contacted many of them, apologized along the way, asked for forgiveness, forgive them as well, and learned my lessons, so I could grow. I am really happy I worked with Lin. I know that I can always come for another session if I feel stuck in life.

Elmer Harris

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